Funding for No-fault Cancer

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On a recent visit to the mall Harrison and I parked next to a car with two teenage girls smoking. Harrison remarked, as he’d been taught since just a little child, “Don’t they know smoking will give them cancer.” I was frozen. Harrison didn’t catch it: he had cancer. And he’s never taken a drag. I was sick to my … Read More

Orange Out!

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First, the update from the clinic: A simple day today. Got there at 7:00. Out by 9:20. No complications. Harrison received IT (spinal) metholtrexate and vincristine through his port. They drew blood and did a bone marrow aspiration. They are always looking for bad cells, and hoping not to find any. His chest is sore from the two weeks of … Read More

Harrison and the other Eli

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Harrison was so excited to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl. He loves Eli Manning. I have always enjoyed watching football with my kids, all three enjoy watching the game. Harrison talks during the game more than the other two, usually explaining what is happening. When the Giants scored that final TD, for example, the first thing he said … Read More

God is Great, but is He Good?

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I must admit that my biggest struggle these past six weeks is a crisis over the goodness of God. Never once have I doubted God’s ability to heal my son, either in an instant or through the three year treatment.  I confess God the Father, the Almighty. But more than once my trust in God’s goodness has wavered.  Maybe I … Read More

Harrison’s Disappointed Siblings

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Lachlan and Blakely have been wonderful during this trying time. They’ve not complained about losing out on so much: our annual Christmas trip to Mobile to see family, our planned summer mission trip to Scotland, and so many little things throughout each week. But yesterday they both were very disappointed. But for a good reason. Two weeks ago, as the … Read More

Some Facts About Childhood Cancer

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I found these various facts online (I’m driving myself mad reading all that is available), and thought it might give some perspective: * Childhood cancers are the #1 disease killer of children. * One in every 330 children will develop cancer before the age of 19. * One out of every five children diagnosed with cancer dies. * Common cancer … Read More

Clinic Visit

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This morning was a “sedation” day, meaning that Harrison would be sedated for a spinal tap. Dr. Weston did a lumbar puncture and pushed a chemo drug known as methaltrexate. Harrison also got a dose of cytarabine. While there is no sign of leukemia in Harrison’s spinal fluid, researchers have discovered that leukemia cells love to hide out in the … Read More

Harrison’s First Weekend in Remission

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It is easy to forget that “remission” does not mean “cured.” Harrison is not cancer-free yet, but he is one small step closer. Without the ongoing treatment he’s receiving, the leukemia would again ravage his body. After hearing the news that we would move into the “consolidation” phase of his five-phase, three-year protocol of treatments we were, of course, delighted. … Read More

On to Consolidation

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January 24 was as good of a day as December 9 was bad.  After six weeks of “Induction” we finally heard the word, “Remission.”  We all cried, including the doctor. Until then we knew things were bad for Harrison, but we didn’t know just how bad.  One doctor described the entire medical team as “distraught” over Harrison’s case.  When they … Read More

Latest on Harrison

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This has been a week even worse than that following Harrison’s diagnosis with leukemia. I’ve been too emotionally bankrupt to even think about the events of the week, but I did want to give the latest so that you might continue to pray in an informed manner for our “little man.” On Monday, the day following Christmas, Harrison was having … Read More