A Cancer Reminder Every Month

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Every day Harrison takes a drug meant to keep his cancer it check. It’s just part of the drill for a child with an incurable cancer. In many way, his daily dose of Gleevec has become just another part of life, like brushing his teeth or working out. While nothing says, “You will always have to fight cancer,” like taking drugs every day, none of us really associates the ongoing threat of a cancer relapse with his Gleevec.


But once a month we all get a wet towel to the face that screams, “You will never be free!” From all appearances Harrison’s monthly visit to the hospital is a routine checkup. He gets weight and measured, opens up and says “Ahhh,” and stretches out his arm from a blood draw.

Simple enough.

But all around are reminders of Harrison’s journey. Children and teenagers of all ages, sitting in the waiting room. For some, this is there first visit to the clinic after diagnosis. I remember that first time Harrison got chemo as an outpatient. Disbelief. Surreality. Fear. Bewilderment.

Others, like Harrison, will find their visit to be old hat. They know the drill.

And while the procedures themselves will be routine, the impatient waiting for a the “all clear” will be anything but routine. Every few minutes we check the website for Harrison’s report. At some point, a nameless, faceless (to us) professional at the hospital will type in Harrison’s counts. Eventually, we will access them.

And somewhere we hope to see a simple statement, “No evidence of blasts.”

Tuesday is that day for Harrison. He’ll go to soccer camp early in the morning, come home for a quick shower, then head off to Chapel Hill for his “routine” appointment. Thanks for your kind prayers.

8 Comments on “A Cancer Reminder Every Month”

  1. Dr. McKinion and Family, You don’t me, but your posts regarding your son, his cancer, and your family’s responses, have so touched my heart. I just want y’all to know that I prayed for your son tonight as I read this. I prayed for a good report as you anxiously await to hear. I also prayed for your wife, for her mother’s heart, to be able to rest easy. My son is a student at SEBTS and enjoys your classes so much. Thank you for sharing the Hope of Jesus and your heart. Praying with all of you, Tina

  2. Steve, I read your blog to learn how Harrison is doing. I just wanted you to know that Dan River Baptist folks are praying for Harrison and for the entire family.

  3. Hi Dr. McKinion. My husband was a student of yours back in 2004ish. Jesse Frazer. I received a prayer post for your family with a link to this blog via Mrs. McDill. I am so sorry to hear about your son having to enter this boxing ring again. I certainly will be praying for all of you. I ask the same for my family in return. My 84 year old mom was diagnosed with AML three weeks ago. I totally relate to your post about this being something you fight for life. Her treatment will be 7 days of treatments and two weeks off for as long as she decides to keep fighting, provided her count doesn’t get too low for them to be able to infuse. My mom’s whites this week are 1.1. We don’t know if they will infuse again on the 22 or not. I am praying for the white count to at least go up 1.4.

    My husband has graciously agreed to move back to my hometown so we can help and we can have every moment possible with my family. Leukemia for a child, self or a girl’s mom are all quite different battles, but the same enemy none the less. Please pray for my mom, Edith Blair. I know she is so scared, but so brave as well. We are all grateful for the strong lap of Christ. I will continue to pray for all of you.

  4. Dr. McKinion, my son Adam, and my two son-in-laws Zack Furches and Nick Rich graduated from SEBTS. Nick and Zack are pastoring churches, Adam is working in Harrisburg, PA as a director of a counseling center. We just want you to know we are praying for you, your family and especially Harrison every day! I am the founder and director of Olivet Ministries and Greater Baltimore Ministries. My daughter Rebekah shared with us Harrison’s battle with cancer as my wife Ann fights with breast cancer also. We pray in the name of Yehovah Rapha, because healing is Who He is and what He does, name He gave Himself.

    1. This reply is a little late, I know, but thank you so very much for the message and for praying.

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