Tomorrow Harrison Becomes a Cancer Survivor

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Last week, I came in late from a work dinner to find Harrison standing at the top of the stairs shirtless and sweating. He had been working out, something he hasn’t felt like doing in over a year. My eyes were immediately drawn to the scar on his chest where, three and half years ago, a surgeon installed a port-a-cath just under his skin. Tomorrow, that port is coming out!

Reflecting on that night when Harrison had re-gained his interest in exercise, I saw what six weeks free of toxic chemicals can do for a kid. He was back to the kid I knew B.C. (before cancer):

Full of energy, life, happiness.

He was Harrison again.

No longer is his smile forced through nausea and pain. No longer does he struggle to walk through joint pain that is almost unbearable. No longer does even standing up hurt his body. The merciless punishment of chemotherapy is over, thank God.

Now begins the long and arduous road to recovery. And like every journey it begins with a first step. That first step, for Harrison, happens tomorrow.

We will check him into the hospital at 6:00 AM for a 7:30 AM surgery. Nurses will prep him, an anesthesiologist will put him under, and the same surgeon who implanted the port will remove it.

The port which doctors used to punish his body for a quarter of his young life will finally be removed. Harrison will be free of a source of discomfort, and free from the constant threat of a deadly infection.

This surgery is an important milestone. It says, “You have entered a new phase: recovery.”

Beginning tomorrow, Harrison will no longer be a cancer patient, he will be a cancer survivor.


After three and a half years for feeling sick all day, every day, Harrison finally feels like doing the things he did before cancer. Now he can…

sleep on his stomach…

play sports without a chest protector…

not worry about breaking his port…

take tylenol for a fever rather than rush to the hospital…

be normal.

Your prayers for Harrison’s surgery tomorrow are greatly appreciated. He’s not nervous at all, but his parents are.


17 Comments on “Tomorrow Harrison Becomes a Cancer Survivor”

  1. As a parent of a childhood cancer survivor, I understand your feelings. Praise God for his healing. Our son will celebrate 20 years in remission this fall. He had just turned 13 when we found out about the cancer. Today he is happily married and God has blessed him and his wife with a handsome son,who just celebrated his second birthday. Praising God for Harrison healing and for what God has in store for his future.

  2. The Lameys are rejoicing with you-we have been praying with you and for you and praise the Lord that he is at this point in the journey!!!!

  3. Wow. That brought tears to my eyes. From one dad to another – hugs.

    Father God. Allow your peace to well up in Harrison’s mum and dad. Let it settle over them like a blanket. Let your presence flow through them like a gentle stream. Keep the young bloke safe in the hospital and out, grant the doctors and medical staff wisdom and skill as they go about doing what needs to be done. Bless them in Jesus name.

  4. Praising God for His Mercy and Grace. I have been praying for your son. So happy that he can be a normal and happy young boy again, without having to hold back or be so cautious with his activities, God is Good
    Anne Harris, “keeja22” < <3

  5. I will be doing my happy dance tomorrow for Harrison! Rejoicing with y’all. God is extremely good!!!!!

  6. My eyes are filled with tears as I read and type this message. I remember when we first began to pray and how much praying and miracles have happened since that first day. My heart is and will always be with you all. I look forward to seeing Harrison playing ball on tv. Please know that we will continue to pray for you all. May our Lord bless you guys tons! Thank you for being such a great testimony to us. Praises and all glory to God!!

  7. I have been praying for harrison. I remember when we used to play baseball together and you were my coach. Those were fun times and harrison was really good! I am so happy to hear things are getting better.

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