Childhood Cancer is Rough on the Heart

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See what I did there? You thought I was going to write about grief, sadness, sorrow; all realities of living with and through childhood cancer. But the heart I’m talking about is that fist-sized muscle in your chest responsible for pumping blood through your body. 

The drugs used to fight childhood leukemia are rough on the whole body, but the “rubicin twins” doxo and dauno are especially rough on the heart. Having discovered this, kids diagnosed with leukemia receive an echocardiogram before treatment begins to set a benchmark. Then, they get another one after treatment to see the damage. 

Today Harrison will have his follow up echo. 

Some kids have little residual damage. Other end up needing heart transplants. Most are in between the extremes. We’ll get the verdict on Harrison with today’s exam. 

Before leaving for school Harrison said, “Can I leave a little later? I don’t want to miss all of my history class.” I’m glad his “heart” is still in school. And pray that his heart is fine. 

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