You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave

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This Friday is a very important day for Harrison. He will have a bone marrow aspirate done to see if there is any evidence of remaining leukemia. They want to see, in essence, if the last three and a half years of treatment has failed.

Can you imagine having endured three and a half years of chemotherapy only to discover it didn’t work!?

I sometimes feel like we’re in Hotel California, where we can check out any time we like, but we can never leave (guitar solo).

On April 1, following Harrison’s final scheduled chemo infusion, he was elated. Obviously, the excitement over the end of treatment has given way to the anxiety of this test. Following the bone marrow draw on Friday we will endure a weekend of waiting for the results. Will the marrow be clear? Will they find remaining cancer? What will happen if they find cancer?

Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do between now and Friday to change the results of the test. Treatment is over. They’ve done what they can to save Harrison’s life, and now we wait.

Harrison just recently remarked they he doesn’t want to go Friday. Why? The pain of accessing? Having to get up so early? The pain he will feel all weekend?

The fear of cancer’s continued grip on him.

There are countless things a 13 year old should be worried about, but cancer shouldn’t be one of them.

Your prayers for him (and for the rest of us) are greatly appreciated.


6 Comments on “You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave”

  1. Praying for you all Steve. Father God, continue to bring Harrison to the full health. Bless him with strength, peace, hope and the knowledge of your presence.

    Continue to strengthen mum and dad, family and friends – cover them with a blanket of peace, well up in them with hope and faith, and flow through them with a sense of joy, which only you can bring.

    Pour out your Spirit of wisdom and joy, revelation and knowledge, power and love, in Jesus name I pray.

  2. I pray for Harrison AND your entire family. As much as we know that a 13 year old should not have to worry about cancer, neither should the parents of their child, nor any siblings.
    I pray Friday goes smoothly accessing his port and then you entire family find something wonderful and distracting to do. 🙂
    Judith~mother of Chase

  3. Prayers continue to be lifted up for Harrison until he receives those words that he finally is “Cancer Free!”…my thoughts and prayers remain with all of you until then…

  4. Steve,
    Thank you for sharing about your precious son and his testing on Friday. Mary Beth and I will be praying and believing for a miraculous result! May the PEACE of Christ, the HEALING of Christ, the BLOOD of Christ and the JOY of Christ fill your whole family, in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

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