I Want to See You Be Brave

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Hours in clinic for chemo infusions and blood transfusions have been commonplace for Harrison. I cannot begin to count the number of hours he’s spent sitting in a blue vinyl chair waiting for life-saving drugs, blood, or platelets to finish infusing. I’m not sure how many people had to donor blood for him to be alive right now, but I’m sure it was dozens, if not more. [Thank you, blood donors!]

He’s spent weeks in the hospital.


Sometimes weeks in a row. Sometimes one or two days here and there.

And because Harrison, like every other kid, absolutely LOVES life, these hours seem like an eternity. An eternity of mind-numbing boredom and fear, interrupted occasionally by a poke, prod, or doctor’s visit. Being in a children’s hospital is awful. Awful.

Sometimes there are moments when kids can escape. Often, those moments don’t exist.

Every child in this video is living on the razor’s edge. Thankfully, they’ve found a moment not just to be alive, but to LIVE.

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