Final Spinal Tap

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We are hitting Harrison’s first “lasts.”  And I mean “lasts” in the best way possible. Obviously, in the world of childhood cancer far too many children have final birthdays, final holidays, and final goodbyes. Gratefully, Harrison isn’t having those lasts. Tuesday he is having a “last” of the good kind.

I don’t know the total number of spinal taps with intrathecal chemo Harrison has endured. Guessing, roughly 30. The poison Dr. Weston will put in his brain and spinal column Tuesday make Harrison confused at times. Coupled with steroids and the vincristine, this will be another awful week of pain for Harrison.


This will be his final spinal tap.

I almost can’t believe it. When Dr. Weston told us on the morning of December 10, 2011, that Harrison would have three and a half years of chemo, it seemed like an eternity. Now he is less than 30 days from the end. While he will have maintenance chemotherapy for the rest of his life, there shouldn’t be another spinal tap, provided God is gracious to keep the leukemia from returning.

And after Harrison wakes up from his sedation, he’ll enjoy the final day of winter break. School and baseball are back on Wednesday. It’s just another week in the life of a kid fighting cancer.

Please pray for protection and safety. Pray for the drugs to work. Pray for a lack of side-effects.

5 Comments on “Final Spinal Tap”

  1. all of us at wake forest Pediatrics are praying for Harrison and so happy he is almost done!!!! Way to fight Harrison! One tough boy.
    Stephanie tubbs

  2. So thankful that his “last” is a positive one. He has been an outstanding role model for all that have watched him deal with his cancer. Prayers will continue for him to remain cancer free forever.

  3. Great news that Harrison is in the homestretch and nearing the finish line. Congratulations! Your entire family remains in my thoughts and prayers.

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