Stop and Take a Deep Breath

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Fighting cancer cannot be easy. I’ve never had to do it, but I’ve watched my now thirteen year old son battle the disease for three and a half years. He’s been an amazing warrior. He’s fought cancer the same way he’s always played baseball: all or nothing! I’ve watched as the harsh regimen of chemotherapy  have raved his mind and body. I’ve … Read More

He Never Ceases to Amaze Me

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NOTE: This is a repost of an earlier post from 2013, with some slight editing. One of the biggest highlights of Harrison’s fight against cancer was a phone call he received from Peyton Manning. When Harrison was at his lowest point, and the doctors were convinced he was going to die from the leukemia that refused to respond to chemo, … Read More

I Want to See You Be Brave

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Hours in clinic for chemo infusions and blood transfusions have been commonplace for Harrison. I cannot begin to count the number of hours he’s spent sitting in a blue vinyl chair waiting for life-saving drugs, blood, or platelets to finish infusing. I’m not sure how many people had to donor blood for him to be alive right now, but I’m … Read More

What is ‘Roid Rage?

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I’ve mentioned Harrison’s ‘roid rage before, and had people ask what that means. First, a little background. Part of the treatment for leukemia is a monthly prednisone pulse for five days. I’m not exactly certain the role this steroid plays in treatment, but it works with the vincristine to get rid of the cancer. The science eludes me at this … Read More

Final Spinal Tap

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We are hitting Harrison’s first “lasts.”  And I mean “lasts” in the best way possible. Obviously, in the world of childhood cancer far too many children have final birthdays, final holidays, and final goodbyes. Gratefully, Harrison isn’t having those lasts. Tuesday he is having a “last” of the good kind. I don’t know the total number of spinal taps with … Read More