Six Months To Go

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Six month into Harrison’s treatment was a tremendous milestone. Those were the hardest six months of his young life. He was sick, had the miss the second semester of fourth grade, and nearly died several times. When he survived for six months in leukemia treatment we celebrated. More children die with leukemia than die from leukemia. Why? The first treatment is so deadly.

That was two and a half years ago. Here’s a before and an after.


And what a difference two and a half years can make.

Please continue to pray for perseverance. Six months of chemotherapy is still a long, long time. And dangers remain. Besides the obvious threat of a relapse of the cancer, there is still the danger of infection due to Harrison’s immunosuppressed state. Flu season is upon us. Sick kids at school are a danger.

Harrison said the other night, “It’s only six months, I know I can do this.” That kind of perseverance is unmatched. I’m hoping I can approach life like that one day as well.

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