Surviving a Massive Stroke

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Three years ago today┬áI listened to a doctor tell me this: “Your son two complete blockages deep in the brain. He has five bleeds too deep to reach. Something is wrong with his blood; it is too thick to even perform a complete blood count.” I asked an obvious question: “Is there any chance he will make it?” He had … Read More

Three Years Ago Today

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December 9, 2011, began like thousands of other days in the McKinion household: Ginger took the kids to school and I parked in front of the computer to work. The simple life we knew. a href=””> Only three hours later the calm of preparing for the end of the semester would be shattered by a call from Ginger: “I’m coming … Read More

Six Months To Go

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Six month into Harrison’s treatment was a tremendous milestone. Those were the hardest six months of his young life. He was sick, had the miss the second semester of fourth grade, and nearly died several times. When he survived for six months in leukemia treatment we celebrated. More children die with leukemia than die from leukemia. Why? The first treatment … Read More

Happy Birthday, Harrison

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Happy birthday to the world’s newest teenager! I’ve thought about what I would say today for some time. Upbeat? Somber? Melancholy? Angry? Relieved? Any of those emotions would be fitting. But as the day got closer one word continued to come to mind: Blessed. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn, because they will be comforted.” That word “Blessed” could … Read More