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I have a soft spot for kids. I’ve never understood child abuse. When kids hurt, I hurt. Part of my love of coaching is the chance to help kids who might not get a chance. I hate seeing coaches mistreat players, either directly or simply by neglecting them. Too often I’ve seen coaches who just don’t know what they are doing overlook a kid (maybe s/he doesn’t look “athletic” enough – whatever that means) or push them to the side because of some bias.

The biggest pain I’ve known is being a childhood cancer parent. As much as it pains me to see other kids suffer, the pain of seeing my own kid suffer is sometimes unbearable. Many days I collapse under the weight of seeing my son’s suffering.  Add to that the hurt of watching my wife and other kids suffer with him. Some days are simply a blur.

bookSo I cannot imagine a parent who leaves their kid behind. I simply cannot imagine it.

But it happens. All the time.  Some parents leave to pursue other loves. Some leave because they are pushed away by a bitter spouse.

And the child who is left behind is always the one hurt the most.

That’s why I am glad that my former student Jonathan Edwards was willing to write about his own pain as a “Left” child. Many children of amicable divorces do just fine. But when a child no longer has a parent in their lives, there is typically pain, bitterness, hurt, sadness, and loss.

If you’ve ever know the pain of a parent leaving you, or if you know someone who has, I would encourage you to pick up this book.

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