Loud Summers

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Harrison pretends he is ready for school to be over, but the truth is he LOVES school. Not the school work, mind you, but the teachers and friends he has there.

Lachlan and Blakely were always happy to play alone as younger children. Not Harrison. He has to be with people. Preferably, his friends.

I wonder sometimes if his connection to friends is the result of his struggle. If their being there for him in his darkest hours has created this incredibly strong connection. If his view of friendships has been shaped, unwittingly, by his experience.

I don’t know if he would value his friends as much had he not faced cancer, but I do know they have become invaluable to him. And watching him interact is a daily reminder of the immense value genuine friendship can be to those who are suffering.

I hope to be a friend like Harrison and to have friends like he has.

And I hope this summer our home is filled with twelve year old boys playing airsoft in the yard, swimming in the pool, and annoying me and all of my neighbors.

Suffering and summers have this in common: they are best spent with friends.

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