Give It Your All

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As a follow up to my recent post about the opposing player who compared Harrison’s status in his league to Derek Jeter’s in the major leagues, I wanted to share this reminder:


This statement, by one if baseball’s greatest legends, characterizes Harrison’s approach to life. This attitude has, I believe, helped him immeasurably in his fight against cancer.

Every day with cancer demands a determination that must be unmatched. Stop fighting and you die. There is no alternative.

And when I see Scripture’s use of the imagery of war, battle, and athletics, I am reminded that my life as a Christian should reflect the same attitude.

Although I don’t fight cancer in my body, I do join my son in his fight. And I battle every day the anxiety, stress, and hopelessness that accompanies a childhood cancer diagnosis.

I am grateful to God for his rich provision for every battle we face, for every mountain we must climb, every anxiety we have.

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