Choosing Joy

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Not a day goes by that Harrison isn’t faced with the struggles of being a kid with cancer. Some struggles are relatively minor, like taking a half-dozen or so medicines. Some are more severe, like joint pain and memory loss. But his attitude is inspiring. And when he bounds down the steps singing a song or rapping the latest Trip Lee or Lecrae hit, tears of joy come to my eyes.


Harrison with his brother, sister, and cousins

He could be pouting over his circumstances, but he refuses to do so. When he stutters because of the damage caused to his brain from the stroke he could keep quiet for fear of ridicule. He could ask, “Why me?” every morning when he knows he’ll have to work harder than everyone else just to keep up. He could give up.

But when you are a kid with cancer you aren’t afforded the luxury of quitting. Every day is a matter of life and death. And while sheer determination alone doesn’t beat cancer and refusing to give up will never induce the apodosis of leukemia cells, giving up means the end of life. And while cancer may take ones life, it doesn’t have to take away ones living.

Harrison choses joy every day, and it’s a lesson he’s still teaching me.