Happy Diagnosiversary

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Today marks two years since Harrison’s diagnosis with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). He’s had a remarkable two years filled with several near-fatal events, remarkable recoveries, and near-miraculous advances in cancer treatment. It is sometimes difficult for me to believe that two years have passed. On the one hand the struggle seems to drag on endlessly. On the other hand, the … Read More

Almost Forever Ten

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If you ever see the Facebook profile of a parent who has lost a child to cancer you may see something like this: Mom to three kids: John (14), Betty (6), and Suzie (forever 10). I’d never noticed it before. Perhaps because I didn’t know anyone whose child had died from cancer. Or, more likely, I didn’t bother to see … Read More

Fight Like a Champion

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Tomorrow Harrison will turn twelve years old. His second birthday with leukemia.¬†Final year as a pre-teen. Pretty big deal for any kid. Huge for him. Birthdays are always a big deal for kids. We all remember the anticipation of parties, presents, and fun times with friends. For parents, every birthday a kid reaches is a milestone. In the childhood cancer … Read More