My Son is Gone

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Nine years ago last night I received a haunting phone call from one of my best and brightest PhD students. He had been in the very first course I taught at Southeastern, an elective on Early Christianity that eventually launched almost a dozen PhD students. I had just fallen asleep when the phone rang. I fumbled around to find the … Read More

Could the End of Chemotherapy be Near?

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Harrison is on the cutting edge of cancer research.  How?  He is on a drug called Gleevec, a targeted therapy that put his leukemia into remission in three days after 6 weeks of traditional multi-agent chemotherapy failed to work. Unfortunately, because he is the only child ever treated with Gleevec for his type of refractory leukemia, doctors cannot treat him … Read More

He’s Still All Boy

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By the time Harrison finishes he will have spent more than a quarter of his life in treatment for cancer. More than one fourth of his days will have included taking pills, fearing infection, and fighting the anxieties associated with childhood cancer. For some families we have met that number increases dramatically. Some children have spent that portion of their … Read More

Win the Day

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Typically the second day after chemo is the worst for Harrison.  I guess that is when the toxins take their biggest toil on the body.  Unfortunately, two days after his last hospital visit was the day of a big baseball game.  Not surprisingly, he did not have his best game.  Two strikeouts.  He was devastated.  After the game he said, … Read More