Euphoria and Reality

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Tomorrow is a greatly important day in Harrison’s journey with cancer. One year ago tomorrow we heard that one word every childhood cancer family longs to hear: REMISSION. I still picture Dr. Weston walking into the clinic directly from the pathologist’s lab saying, “We have a Touchdown!!” What a day. Many tears shed before his report. Even more after. For … Read More

From Hopelessness to Hope

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There is a difference between hoping things turn out in a certain way, and having certainty in how things will turn out. Being at the depth of hopelessness left me with a few alternatives. One way despair and despondency. I could submit to feelings of hopelessness associated with Harrison’s failure to achieve remission, and the inadequacy of the chemo treatment. … Read More

Hope is Powerful

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We are beginning to remember “One year ago” details. For most of the first six weeks of Harrison’s fight we were in a constant fog, so many details are almost lost from our collective memory. But a year ago today (it was a Tuesday), we had the first conversation with Dr. Weston about a potential bone marrow transplant for Harrison. … Read More

Something Else New for Harrison

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NB: A series highlighting Harrison’s Make-A-Wish trip is forthcoming. Last night Harrison did something he’d never done before: went to a basketball practice. From the time he could walk Harrison’s played football and baseball, but never basketball. His older siblings never played. I played as a kid, but nothing serious. But a few months ago he came home from school … Read More