A Smile for Harrison

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Meg’s Smile Foundation is a local nonprofit whose mission is to give kid’s fighting cancer a “smile.” You can read about their great work on their website.

Yesterday they blessed our family with a smile for Harrison. He was supposed to go last Sunday but due to his hospitalization for the flu was unable. So he went on December 9: the one year anniversary of his diagnosis.


There could not have been a better day to go. And the day could not have gone any better.

When we drove up from church there was a long, black stretch limo sitting out front. Soon after Jim and Tom from Meg’s Smile Foundation showed up, told Harrison about his “smile,” and ushered us off to the car.

We first went to one of Harrison’s favorite places to eat: Kanki. My brother and his family joined us. No one has given more of themselves for Harrison’s fight than that family. Randy and April met us at the ER even before we knew Harrison had cancer, and basically didn’t leave our sides until we went home. They have been with us every step of the way, helping with fundraisers, watching our other kids, bringing meals, and, most importantly, reminding us of the nearness of our God in our dark storm. Harrison loves his three younger cousins, and was grateful they could accompany us at lunch.

After the meal we drove over to Best Buy where Meg’s Smile Foundation treated Harrison to some surprises including an XBOX 360 and a ton of games. He was pumped, to say the least!

We stopped for ice cream (Harrison’s favorite dessert) on the way home. Honestly, Harrison would have been impressed with the limo ride and ice cream! He was utterly amazed with everything else.

The day was filled with blessings, thanks to the Meg’s Smile Foundation.

Not long after Harrison’s diagnosis I met with a friend of mine, a publisher, whose son, unknown to me, had fought leukemia is a kid as well. Jim was a source of great wisdom and I wrote down everything he said.

One piece of advice was especially helpful. He said to be accepting of gifts that come Harrison’s way, because Harrison’s suffering will prevent any “spoiling.” Sage advice.

Without the kindness of family, friends, and strangers, we’d never have survived this long. It’s why people like Meg’s family give of themselves to help other kids. And why Meg’s Smile Foundation not only blessed Harrison but also blessed his siblings. You see, the kid with cancer suffers the most, but his siblings suffer right along with him. I’m so thankful these new friends thought of Lachlan and Blakely, too.

We would also like to say thank you to Alex from Cowboy Limo, the staff at Best Buy, Kanki at Crabtree Mall, in addition to those who help Meg’s Smile Foundation bless kids fighting cancer.

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