A Hero to Harrison

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Here’s a great story from Mandy Mitchell at WRAL. ¬†You might remember that Mandy did a story on Harrison and his relationship with the NC State Baseball team back in the spring.

This young man beat leukemia and has achieved his dream of playing college baseball. The oncologist you see briefly in the video is Dr. Stuart Gold, one of Harrison’s oncologists.

Rashawn asked for Make-a-Wish to provide a meal for his entire school. Harrison was inspired by this act of generosity and asked if we could give a meal to his school.

So next Tuesday, thanks to the inspiration of Rashawn King, Harrison’s entire fifth grade class and teachers, and his former fourth grade teachers, will enjoy a full Chick-fil-A meal, compliments of an anonymous donor who wanted to make Harrison’s wish for his school come true.

One day Harrison hopes, inspired by this great story, to follow Rashawn in playing a college sport. Basketball? Maybe. Harrison has signed up to play for the first time ever. If not, then football or baseball.

WRAL Story on Rashawn King

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