A Smile for Harrison

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Meg’s Smile Foundation is a local nonprofit whose mission is to give kid’s fighting cancer a “smile.” You can read about their great work on their website. Yesterday they blessed our family with a smile for Harrison. He was supposed to go last Sunday but due to his hospitalization for the flu was unable. So he went on December 9: … Read More

A Date That Will Live in Infamy

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Today is December 7.  The anniversary of the Japanese attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. But the date I have in mind is two days from today: December 9, 2011.  On that date my youngest child was diagnosed with cancer.  It was the start of a terrible journey for my little boy.  A fourth grader excited about … Read More

Another Threat Averted

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Over the weekend Harrison faced yet another serious threat to his life: the flu. Childhood cancer patients are severely immunocompromised and are therefore susceptible to infection.  These infections are bad for healthy people.  They are often fatal for these kids. Harrison woke up Friday morning feeling bad.  He had a fever.  A fever is an automatic trip to the hospital … Read More

A Hero to Harrison

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Here’s a great story from Mandy Mitchell at WRAL.  You might remember that Mandy did a story on Harrison and his relationship with the NC State Baseball team back in the spring. This young man beat leukemia and has achieved his dream of playing college baseball. The oncologist you see briefly in the video is Dr. Stuart Gold, one of … Read More

Another Birthday, but not JUST Another

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Yesterday Harrison turned eleven years old. In most years, for most people, an eleventh birthday is just another birthday. Of course, for people my age, a birthday is just another day. But not for Harrison. Yesterday was a birthday that not so long ago we never thought we would see. Countless times on Harrison’s journey death has seemed inevitable. When … Read More