How Harrison Really Feels

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Below is a screen grab from Harrison’s Instagram feed (his handle is @cancerstinks). I just noticed it this morning. Breaks my heart. Harrison rarely talks about having cancer; he is more focused on being a kid than on being a kid with cancer. But this picture offers a glimpse of how he really feels. Little buddy, I feel the same … Read More

A Hero Turns Fourteen

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One of Harrison’s biggest heroes turns fourteen years old today: his big sister Blakely.  Or, as he affectionally calls her, Boo Boo. During this long and difficult journey no one has been more of a hero to Harrison than Lachlan and Blakely.  They are a constant source of encouragement for him.  He looks up to them, admires them, and strives to be … Read More

Another Chemo Hold

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Harrison’s monthly trip to the clinic today went exceptionally well. Today was a sedation day, meaning he was under sedation for a spinal tap through which Dr. Weston administered Methotrexate to kill the leukemia cells in his spinal column and brain. Because of Harrison’s stroke in December, millions of cancer cells rushed into his brain. Unfortunately, most relapses occur in … Read More