Why You Think You Don’t Know a Childhood Cancer Survivor

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…but you may. The childhood cancer community sometimes seems to be a secret society. I had know of kids with cancer, but not many. My cousin’s son had been fighting leukemia for a few years before Harrison was diagnosed, and our family prayed for little Eli regularly. I recall, especially as a kid, seeing buckets in convenience stores asking for … Read More

Nearly Killing to Save

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Tomorrow is hospital day for Harrison. We’ll be taking him in the morning. No sedation, so we don’t have to leave at 6:00 AM. They will check his counts and give him a quick splash of Vincristine. Accessing, prepping, etc, takes longer than the actual administration of chemo. Because of so much bruising, there is little doubt his numbers have … Read More

Cliff Lee and wife, Kristen, Support for Childhood Cancer

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I never knew of this story. Grateful for Jaxon and grateful to Cliff and Kristen Lee. Cliff Lee, who will start Game 2 of the National League Division Series for the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday, has since become a Cy Young winner, one of the most respected pitchers in baseball and the object of an intense free agent bidding sweepstakes … Read More