Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Tomorrow is September 1. For most of us it will be just another Saturday. Just another beginning to just another month. Just another Labor Day weekend. But for tens of thousands of children and their families it will mark the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Leukemia Awareness month. For us, it will be our first time to think … Read More

Cancer survivor turned UNC med student

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Often our plans are altered by the unexpected. A cancer diagnosis propels kids down a path they often never thought imaginable. For those who survive, that path often leads to serving others. Here’s a great story of a childhood cancer survivor now in medical school at UNC. In 2007, in her freshman year at Davidson College, Sims was diagnosed with … Read More

Oh the Pain

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Below is a brief post from a mother whose daughter is just a week behind Harrison in treatment. ┬áLike Harrison, she had to be hospitalized fighting an infection a week ago. This post captures the fear and despair so many families facing childhood cancer experience. When I read this I know she means. There are no easy answers to give … Read More

A Tale of Two Sundays

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Last Sunday Harrison was in room twelve on the fifth floor of the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. He’s spent a lot of time on that floor with other children fighting cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other life-threatening diseases. Many of our friends have spent much more time than him, so we don’t complain much. The hospitalization began with a fever on … Read More