The Creating Hope Act and Cancer Research

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I posted recently on the Creating Hope Act that was passed by congress and signed by the president into law.  There was another good article on the act I wanted to draw your attention to.  With Harrison’s fight against a rare form of leukemia [he is the only child ever treated for it], he is on the cutting edge of cancer treatment.  Any advancement in research and treatment will save kids’ lives.

The Creating Hope Act is a reason to celebrate

I introduced the Creating Hope Act last year because of the significant unmet medical need for new treatments for children fighting cancer, sickle cell and other rare pediatric diseases. For example, even though cancer is the leading disease killer of our nation’s children, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only one new treatment for any type of childhood cancer since the 1980s.

see the entire article here: McCaul: Creating Hope Act does just that for families of children with cancer.

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