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We have a new batch of Strike Out Leukemia t-shirts available.  You can see the colors and sizes to the right of this post, or visit the storefront here.


When you purchase a shirt you contribute to Harrison’s fight against cancer is two important ways:

1. You help raise funds for Harrison’s treatment.  Three and a half years of travel expenses, meals, parking, co-pays, dozens of medicines, co-insurance, hospitalizations, and countless other items costs more than we ever imagined it might.  For many cancer treatments, four to six months of expenses is incurred.  With leukemia, patients endure therapy for well over three years.  When you purchase one of these shirts you help defray these nearly insurmountable costs.

2. You help raise awareness of childhood cancer.  Harrison is just one of thousands of kids fighting leukemia.  Thousands others are fighting different cancers.  When you wear the shirt you help spread the word about the battles these kids face.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.  Sadly, until Harrison was diagnosed I never knew that.  I suspect that may the case of some of you as well.  Help remind people about the pain and suffering these children face.

Thanks for all you are doing to help Harrison win this battle.  If you cannot purchase a shirt, please take the time to pray for Harrison and the other kids we try to highlight here from time to time.  Additionally, help us get the word out about kids and their families who are fighting cancer.  You are already one of Harrison’s Heroes.

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