Praying for No Brain Damage

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Seven months ago yesterday was the worse day of my life.  I watched my little boy slump over on the floor in the bathroom, and his eyes roll back in his head.  I asked him if he was okay, if he could hear me.  Nothing.  My heart stopped.  I swept him into my arms, yelled to my wife and other … Read More

The Dark Knight Rises, but Don’t Expect Counts To

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Harrison is much better after an “oil change” yesterday. The transfusions make all the difference in the world for these kids fighting cancer. Early in his treatment the transfusions were needed because the leukemia had prevented his bone marrow from producing red blood cells. Now they are needed because the chemo kills off the red blood cells. If you have … Read More

Young Cancer Patients Often Lack Support

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We are meeting so many teenagers who are fighting cancer at UNC.  They are some of the tens of thousands battling childhood cancers.  Their needs go far beyond the physical.  We continue to pray for ways to help minister to those fighting these diseases called cancer and to raise awareness so perhaps soon there can be a cure. “When patients … Read More

Yet Another Reason to Donate

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Harrison has his penultimate clinic visit for frontline treatment, the weekly part of his three year treatment protocol. Following next week’s visit, in-clinic chemo will only be administered once per month. That phase is called Long Term Maintenance, and we simply cannot wait to get there. Although the road ahead is still incredibly long and treacherous, Harrison will be able … Read More

The Creating Hope Act and Cancer Research

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I posted recently on the Creating Hope Act that was passed by congress and signed by the president into law.  There was another good article on the act I wanted to draw your attention to.  With Harrison’s fight against a rare form of leukemia [he is the only child ever treated for it], he is on the cutting edge of … Read More

Raise Awareness

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We have a new batch of Strike Out Leukemia t-shirts available.  You can see the colors and sizes to the right of this post, or visit the storefront here.   When you purchase a shirt you contribute to Harrison’s fight against cancer is two important ways: 1. You help raise funds for Harrison’s treatment.  Three and a half years of … Read More

Killing the Good with the Bad

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Cancer treatment is quite different from other medical treatments in one major way: the chemo indiscriminately kills the good and the bad. In essence, a cancer cell is a cell that turns off the natural mechanism by which a cell dies. In the wonder of God’s design, cells all die. Good cells — whether skin, heart, blood, etc. — all … Read More

A Frightening Reminder

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Childhood cancer often wins the fight. Although more kids than ever are surviving, still thousands die every year. Not all the kids die from the cancer, many die from the treatments or infections that result from the severe immunosuppression produced by the treatments. With leukemia, remission is not the hard part. Doctors have discovered a sure-fire way to get 98% … Read More

Losing is Not an Option

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Cancer does not take a break for anything. So the treatment has to be hard and persistent. Three and a half years of continuous battle against an enemy that wants only one thing: to kill you. A few weeks ago Harrison was in the dugout as the NC State baseball team won a hard-fought contest with SEC powerhouse Vanderbilt. He … Read More

Creating Hope Act: Bipartisan Legislation for Kids

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Congress has passed, and the president signed, a bill sponsored by Republican congressman Michael McCaul of Texas and Democratic congressman G.K. Butterfueld of North Carolina.  The legislation, known as the Creating Hope Act, incentivises the search for new and better treatments for childhood cancers and sicke cell anemia.  I join parents of cancer kids in offering deepest gratitude for this … Read More