They Could Use a Little Help

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Every visit to the cancer clinic (about 40ish, so far, with three years left to go) begins in a procedure room. Here Harrison is “accessed,” which involves sticking an inch-long needle into his chest to access a port embedded just beneath the skin. Nurses draw blood and administer chemo through this port.

A port for chemo administration

In addition to accessing patients, nurses perform all sorts of other treatments in these small rooms before kids go into the larger area for their chemo administration.


Harrison being accessed in the procedure room. Ouch!

Of course, kids DO NOT like these treatment rooms, as this is where they get poked. All the pain happens in these rooms.

So the nurses and child-life specialists have developed some great ways to distract the kids during the painful and irritating procedures. The most effective way of drawing attention away from the procedures and pain is to display short videos. This might be the “Duck Song” or “Phineas and Ferb” or “The Gummy Bear Song” or any number of other short vids.

In each of these rooms there is an old computer (probably donated) with tiny 15″ monitors attached to the walls. Kids squint trying to see the little screens.

Tuesday while Harrison was being accessed the nurse and I were talking about how pitiful those little screens were and how nice it would be to “upgrade” to something more useful for these kids. So I thought I would ask for some help from anyone out there who might have access to a few larger (preferably 19″ or greater) monitors. We could really use 2-3 larger monitors.

On Tuesday over 50 kids went through those procedure rooms on their way to treatment.  They could really use some help.

Perhaps you work for (or own) a company looking to get new computers and you have a few monitors you could donate.  Maybe you know someone who is getting rid of monitors.  Or, perhaps you might want to either donate one yourself (or make a donation towards a monitor). No need for anything fancy. When I see what these kids endure, any small amenity is a great help.

If you can help, please let me know. You can either leave a comment below or email me at

Thanks for considering this.

5 Comments on “They Could Use a Little Help”

  1. Hi Steve and Ginger and family! I have a 19″ flatscreen monitor that I would love to donate. Let me know where to deliver it and when it is convenient for you 🙂

    God Bless, you all are always in my thoughts and prayers –


    1. Thanks so much. Ginger will set up a time to stop by or meet you. We don’t go to the clinic for a week so we have time.

      This will mean so much to the kids.


  2. Hi,

    My wife passed this on to me. I will be getting a 21″ lcd to April in the morning before church. Take care.

  3. We have a 19″ Acer flatscreen monitor we would like to donate if there is still a need.

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