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Lachlan’s baseball coach Bill Cook told me I have a face for radio. Ouch.  Sad, but true.  For two years I hosted a call-in program every Sunday night.  About three people listened to it, but it was a blast.

Yesterday, I spent some time with my dear friend Marty Jacumin, who is the pastor at Bayleaf Baptist Church in Raleigh. Marty was sitting in for Steve Noble, who hosts Called2Action, a daily call-in talk show in AM 1030 here in the Triangle.

It is always a pleasure to tell Harrison’s story because at its core is the story of God’s work in Jesus Christ.

I wouldn’t lie and say that this six month journey has been easy. Just read the earlier posts and you’ll know better. But it remains that, despite my own often-wavering faith, the God of the Bible is indeed kind, loving, and merciful. I cannot explain why some kids get cancer while others don’t, or why some kids lose the fight while others make a full recovery without even a hint of long-term side effects. Those answers will always remain a mystery.

But where I do not have answers for my son, myself, or anyone else fighting childhood cancer, I can rest assured that all God has done in Christ will result in my son’s resurrection to life in the new heavens and new earth. And mine as well.

Until then, we’ll fight like there’s no tomorrow to beat cancer. Not just for Harrison, but for the thousands of other kids who are in the same battle. We’ll fight until no parent has to fear pediatric cancer, until my kids think about cancer the way I think about small pox: a disease from another generation.

If you listened to the broadcast today, thank you. I hope someone was encouraged by it.

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