A Face for Radio

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Lachlan’s baseball coach Bill Cook told me I have a face for radio. Ouch.  Sad, but true.  For two years I hosted a call-in program every Sunday night.  About three people listened to it, but it was a blast. Yesterday, I spent some time with my dear friend Marty Jacumin, who is the pastor at Bayleaf Baptist Church in Raleigh. … Read More

They Could Use a Little Help

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Every visit to the cancer clinic (about 40ish, so far, with three years left to go) begins in a procedure room. Here Harrison is “accessed,” which involves sticking an inch-long needle into his chest to access a port embedded just beneath the skin. Nurses draw blood and administer chemo through this port. In addition to accessing patients, nurses perform all … Read More

A Scary Day

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There is one constant in the fight against childhood leukemia: the fear of relapse. Not a day goes by that parents aren’t worried that the cancer will return. Every bruise is seen with suspicion. Every headache, backache, leg ache is a reminder that, at any moment, the leukemia could rear its ugly head in mockery of the months (or years) … Read More

Delayed Intensification Has Arrived

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There was a brief time this morning we thought that the beginning of Delayed Intensification (DI) would be delayed due to low counts. His ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is supposed to be 750. Harrison’s was 718 this morning. The oncologist decided, “Close enough.” So tomorrow morning we’ll be at the pediatric oncology clinic around 6:45 AM for the LONG day … Read More