Harrison’s Theme Song

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For every child battling cancer there is one phrase that keeps repeating: It’s Not My Time. There is just simply too much that remains to be done.

Harrison played in his first baseball game last Friday night, after a rain-out and two games missed because of sickness from chemo. He played so well. He was disappointed that he didn’t get to play shortstop, the only position he’s ever played before, but I understand how the coach would be nervous to play him there while battling cancer.

But he did play third base and was superb, as I expected him to be. He went across the bag to stop one ground ball from going down the line for a certain double. Then ended the game and preserved a win with a typical “Harrison McKinion” play.

He works a lot on his backhand, knowing how important it is for a shortstop to go into the hole and make the play. With his team up by two runs in the bottom of the final inning runners were on first and third for the other team. The batter had earlier driven a rocket to left field, so Harrison backed up and moved toward the line. Despite having had two massive doses of chemo a few hours earlier, he still had the baseball IQ to make the adjustment for the batter. He amazes me.

Sure enough, another shot down the line. But this time Harrison was there to make the play. He stabbed the backhand, gathered himself, and threw a rocket to second to end the inning and the game, preserving the victory.

He ended up going 2-3 with two singles and a fielder’s choice (which he counted as a hit because he got on base, but that’s another issue). He even scored from second on a ball to the outfield, having to push himself to get around the bases. The look of determination on his face as he rounded third said it all: “I’ll not let cancer win. IT’S NOT MY TIME!”

He’s fighting the nausea and fatigue from this round of chemo. This morning he threw up, then went to school. Amazing.

Thanks for your continued prayers. He moves to the next phase of treatment, Delayed Intensification, on June 5. This will be the worst of all the phases, and poses a number of significant risks to his life. But we continue to give thanks to our God that we have the little fighter with us. As you pray, please continue to ask for the remission to remain. And pray for the new friends Harrison has made who have fought and are fighting this terrible disease.

3 Comments on “Harrison’s Theme Song”

  1. Great song, but even more encouraging is Harrison’s daily life. You’re one tough kid, Harrison. God is using you in incredible ways! Praying for you, your family.

  2. Your son is an inspiration. But more than that is the strength that Gods give you as a family to do the day to day tasks. We will always pray for u and your family. Specially for Harrison. God bless you all and keep the faith. The biggest blessings are in the details. Think of those small moments of joy and laugher when things feel overwhelming. He is never alone because God stands by him every second of the way.

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