This is not the Plan

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We may be tempted, when discussing suffering, to talk as though the world as it current is was the world intended for humanity. But the Gospel reminds us that God created the Land with no suffering, no tears, no pain, no cancer. The Wilderness is the place of suffering, pain, and death. The Land is the place of Life. And … Read More

The Student Becomes the Teacher

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In my Christian theology courses students regularly hear me talk about suffering.  Suffering is central to the Gospel of Jesus because we live in a place Scripture calls the Wilderness (or the World), which was not designed as a place for humanity (that place is called the Land or the Kingdom, but I digress). Teaching about suffering is not the … Read More

Some People

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There seem to be people who are determined to make life miserable for others: people who smoke at the entrance to a store, people who drive in the left lane on the interstate, people with 50 items in the 10-items-or-less lane. But they pale in comparison to those who are determined to be a blessing. During Harrison’s illness we’ve found … Read More

Incredible Irony

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Every day I either laugh or cry. Most days, I do both. Watching my child suffer immense physical, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of the most well-meaning and caring of oncologists is often unbearable. I’ll never get out of my mind how one oncologist described the treatment needed to fight pediatric leukemia: BARBARIC. One of the most important … Read More

Catching Up

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It has been some time since posting here, primarily because caring for a cancer kid is exhausting. While the past few weeks have been somewhat uneventful, daily life with a child fighting cancer requires physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength that simply isn’t always readily available. Every time I have sat in front of the computer to write, I’ve just … Read More