You Can Save Three Lives

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With just a few minutes of your time you can save three lives by donating blood. Please consider either joining us at North Raleigh Christian Academy or finding a blood drive near where you are. Cancer kids like Harrison depend on blood transfusions (a dozen already) to stay alive while being treated for this dreaded disease. Your donation will reach … Read More

I Just Want to Grow Up

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I used to have dreams of what my kids would be like when they grew up. Now, my dreams are just that they actually will. Amazing what pediatric cancer does to ones priorities.

Give the Gift of Life

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Leukemia patients face a number of challenges to continued living.  Besides the cancer, the treatment is often fatal.  As I have written before, as many kids die from the chemo and associated side effects as die from the disease itself.  One doctor called leukemia treatment “barbaric.”  Doubtless one day people look at how we treat these kids and will be … Read More

From Weeping to Laughing in a Day

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Yesterday was a typical day for Harrison: some good things, some bad things. But, thanks to our Lord, more good than bad. Spent the morning on the elliptical machine and at the mall. The kid is determined to get his legs strong enough for baseball. I just LOVE his determination. In the afternoon, he and I were going to fly … Read More

When You Grow Up

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When Harrison was in the hospital following his diagnosis with leukemia, the nurses were wonderful with him.  They were kind, caring, involved, and interested.  I am sure they are trained to help kids (and maybe parents, too) think long-term: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Harrison timidly answered, “A pro football or baseball player.” My heart … Read More

Fundraiser at Chili’s in Wake Forest

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Thanks to Phil and Audrey Lee for arranging a fundraiser at Chili’s in Wake Forest today (Monday, March 5), and thanks to Chili’s for helping support Harrison’s treatment.  Come to Chili’s anytime between 10 AM and 11 PM, and 10% of your bill will go to help pray for Harrison’s treatment.  You must either bring a copy of the flyer … Read More

He Looks Like Me

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We’ve made it longer than last time before a transfusion, and are hoping to make it until next Tuesday when we make the trip to Chapel Hill for Harrison’s weekly chemo treatment.  While he’s quite tired, there are no headaches or other tell-tale signs of severe anemia.  Harrison is really hoping to make it to Lachlan’s first varsity baseball game … Read More

Learning to Live with Fear

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First, an update from Harrison’s clinic visit on Tuesday: Harrison is in Consolidation, a phase intended to kill any leukemia cells remaining after Induction. Although Harrison is in remission, there are still cancer cells hiding throughout his body. As such, this is a pretty intense phase, so we have to be on the lookout for low numbers. Earlier in this … Read More