Harrison and the other Eli

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Harrison was so excited to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl. He loves Eli Manning.

I have always enjoyed watching football with my kids, all three enjoy watching the game. Harrison talks during the game more than the other two, usually explaining what is happening. When the Giants scored that final TD, for example, the first thing he said was, “The Patriots were coming to knock him into the endzone.” After the commercial break Chris Collinsworth said the same thing, like he heard Harrison. When the commentator repeated what Harrison had said a few minutes earlier, the little man looked over at me and grinned with that wonderful little smile he has. He’s just too smart of a kid.

But the Eli Harrison has on his mind the most is not a Manning, he is his little cousin, also fighting this dreaded child-killer called leukemia. They’ve never been close (we seldom get to see family in Mobile), but they have something in common that none of his friends or family can understand. They are both warriors. Much like Eli Manning is cool, calm, and collected when besting NFL defenses, Eli and Harrison are determined to best cancer.

As a sign of winning this war, Harrison is planning to wear all his Giants gear to the clinic tomorrow. When the doctor injects chemo into his spine, a chemo that is certain to cause at least some neurological damage to this brilliant little boy, Harrison will be reminded that sometimes it takes a late-game drive to win. Even when things look grim, one of the greatest slot receivers in the NFL can drop a pass, giving you a chance to win. Leukemia has messed with the wrong little boy.

Providentially, last week’s Scripture reading at our church was from Mark 1, where Jesus heals Simon Peter’s mother-in-law. After being healed the text says she went on to serve him. We continue to pray for God’s healing not just for Harrison’s and Eli’s good, but for the good of the Gospel’s progress. We pray that people will be able to say, “Harrison’s God–the God of the Bible–has done great things for him and Eli.” Like God’s deliverance of his people from Egypt, may his treatment of Harrison and Eli cause the nations to see that he is indeed God.

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