God is Great, but is He Good?

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I must admit that my biggest struggle these past six weeks is a crisis over the goodness of God.

Never once have I doubted God’s ability to heal my son, either in an instant or through the three year treatment.  I confess God the Father, the Almighty.

But more than once my trust in God’s goodness has wavered.  Maybe I shouldn’t confess to that.  While trusting his ability I have often questioned his willingness to heal.  Not because I think God is evil or mean or cruel, but my love for my son and my desire to see him well clouded what I know to be true: God is both great and good.  He is not “out to get” my son, regardless of how I have sometimes felt.  I know that God loves Harrison more than I love him.  But walking in that knowledge has, I admit, sometimes been tough.

That’s why I am grateful for those who are walking through this with me, but aren’t being burned by the fires.  Those whom I know hurt with me and my boy, but nonetheless cling to the goodness of God on our behalf, interceding with God, have been my rock in this time.

Romans 8 tells me that there are times of suffering when I cannot pray, or think rightly about God and his goodness.  I’m often there.  But it also tells me that in addition to those wonderful men and women who are praying for and with Harrison, there is Another who stands with us: the Holy Spirit.  On days when I can, I try to remind myself that the Spirit who indwells me, my son, and God’s people, prays for us when I cannot even come up with the words to say.  And as you pray for Harrison’s healing, be assured that the Spirit of God participates with you in that wonderful ministry.  Thank you for joining our Triune God in his work of healing Harrison.

9 Comments on “God is Great, but is He Good?”

  1. Steve, thanks for this post. We pray for Harrison’s healing also. And I think your blog reflections are being used redemptively in the lives of many of us. Thank you for taking the time to reflect.

  2. Steve – Thank you for being so openly honest today. I cannot imagine the hurt and pain for all your family. In such trying circumstances, it is so hard NOT to question the goodness of God. Mike and I are keeping Harrison and your family in our prayers. Harrison is also on the prayer list at Green Ridge Baptist Church.

  3. Steve…thanks for your transparency. God’s sovereignty becomes less of an issue as we get to know His character better. It also helps me personally to consider that He is operating on a 3D Chessboard of sorts…His economy operates on so many levels and is unrestricted by time & space. I love what C.S. Lewis said…God operates in the unbounded now.

    Communicating our struggles and even our doubts is sorely missing amongst believers…as a result, we try to look like the Love Boat rather than the medical ship we actually are. What if we all dressed for church this Sunday to accurately reflect how we are doing with our faith…our family…our lives in general? So much for the suits and pretty dresses.

    Your family has been a good steward of this affliction…especially Harrison. Thank you for following the Lord through this fiery trial in a way that brings Him glory and blesses all that come in contact with it. If you ever want to, I’d love to have you guys come share your story on my radio show.

  4. Steve – Know many people who have never met Harrison like me are praying for your family and specifically for Harrison’s healing. Keep being real with God! I know first hand what it is like to struggle with “Is God Really Good?” It is through the honest struggle that Hope remains and TRUTH is reinforced. The pain is so great, though. Will continue to pray!!

  5. I am the administrator of Holy Cross Christian Academy in Burleson, TX, and a cancer survivor myself. We are praying for Harrison’s full recovery, and for your family as you walk thru this beside Harrison. We are reading thru the Gospel of John in chapel and many of Jesus’ interactions remind us of God’s goodness even though in the moment it feels like anything but. God always has a plan that will magnify His greatness and goodness. The waiting to see that is very hard, but it will come in time. Meanwhile, know that the Warriors here at Holy Cross are praying.

  6. One day while preparing my lunch, I asked out loud a question I had been thinking for a long time to GOD. “Dear GOD, why do good people have to suffer and especially little children?” Immediately HE answered and in a stern voice..”How would people feel compassion one for the other without suffering?” GOD doesn’t always answer our questions but this day HE did. I thought about what HE had said for several days. The answer is this: GOD sees eternity…this life is very temporary…if we have compassion for others GOD will have compassion for us on the day of judgement. If we have not compassion for others, GOD will not have compassion for us as is given the example of the rich pharasee who passed the starving Lazarus outside his gate. Where did he go?

  7. The power of lamenting and allowing others faith to carry you is a powerful relationship. Though I don’t know you, I stand by and pray that God’s presence will well up within you and strengthen you. I pray that he covers over you with a blanket of peace. And I pray that he flows through you with his healing power.

    This prayer I pray for Harrison, you, mum, siblings, church and extended family.

  8. Know that God has already healed your son. Jesus not only died on the cross for our salvation, but he died for our healing. He conquered death as well as sickness and disease on the cross. You and Harrison just need to accept it, and continue to thank Him for it, and continue to walk in it no matter what the physical looks like. Just as we confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour by our mouths and receive salvation, we must also confess our healing by our mouths to receive it. The power of life and death is in the tongue so watch your and Harrison’s words and don’t waiver and keep Harrison surrounded by people who speak life (no negative words out of their mouths). My daughter attends NRCA and we’ve been praying for your whole family. Stay strong and God bless you.

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