Paying it Forward

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A few weeks ago a student at Southeastern Seminary wrote and asked me a few questions about Harrison’s interests in professional sporting teams, particularly football. He had seen the post about Peyton Manning’s phone call, and wanted to know which teams Harrison liked, and which players were his favorites. Of course, I didn’t know why. A week later our mailbox … Read More

A New Chapter

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First, a quick update on Harrison’s treatment. Today was a scheduled LONG day, requiring about 6-7 hours of chemo following a spinal tap for methaltrexate injection. The chemo itself takes only about 30 minutes but is preceded by 2 hours of hydration and followed by another 4 hours of fluids. The reason for the fluids is to be sure the … Read More

A Biography of Cancer

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First, an update on Harrison’s day. After Harrison was lethargic most of the day yesterday, we called the doc and were told to come in for a checkup and a follow-up CBC (complete blood count). They found his ANC at .4 (the same), his platelets still good, but his hemoglobin was 7.1, under the 8.0 threshold requiring a blood transfusion. … Read More

Funding for No-fault Cancer

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On a recent visit to the mall Harrison and I parked next to a car with two teenage girls smoking. Harrison remarked, as he’d been taught since just a little child, “Don’t they know smoking will give them cancer.” I was frozen. Harrison didn’t catch it: he had cancer. And he’s never taken a drag. I was sick to my … Read More

Orange Out!

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First, the update from the clinic: A simple day today. Got there at 7:00. Out by 9:20. No complications. Harrison received IT (spinal) metholtrexate and vincristine through his port. They drew blood and did a bone marrow aspiration. They are always looking for bad cells, and hoping not to find any. His chest is sore from the two weeks of … Read More

Harrison and the other Eli

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Harrison was so excited to watch the Giants win the Super Bowl. He loves Eli Manning. I have always enjoyed watching football with my kids, all three enjoy watching the game. Harrison talks during the game more than the other two, usually explaining what is happening. When the Giants scored that final TD, for example, the first thing he said … Read More

God is Great, but is He Good?

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I must admit that my biggest struggle these past six weeks is a crisis over the goodness of God. Never once have I doubted God’s ability to heal my son, either in an instant or through the three year treatment.  I confess God the Father, the Almighty. But more than once my trust in God’s goodness has wavered.  Maybe I … Read More

Harrison’s Disappointed Siblings

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Lachlan and Blakely have been wonderful during this trying time. They’ve not complained about losing out on so much: our annual Christmas trip to Mobile to see family, our planned summer mission trip to Scotland, and so many little things throughout each week. But yesterday they both were very disappointed. But for a good reason. Two weeks ago, as the … Read More