Some Facts About Childhood Cancer

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I found these various facts online (I’m driving myself mad reading all that is available), and thought it might give some perspective:

* Childhood cancers are the #1 disease killer of children.

* One in every 330 children will develop cancer before the age of 19.

* One out of every five children diagnosed with cancer dies.

* Common cancer symptoms in children — fever, swollen glands, anemia, bruises and infection — are often suspected to be, and at the early stages are treated as, other childhood illnesses.

* Three out of every five children diagnosed with cancer suffer from long-term or late onset side effects.

* When cancer strikes children and young adults it affects them differently than it would an adult – the treatments (chemo, radiation) impact puberty, learning, development, and as a result have greater long-term affects.

* Approximately 20% of adults with cancer show evidence the disease has spread, yet almost 80% of children show that the cancer has spread to distant sites at the time of diagnosis.

* Cancer in childhood occurs regularly, randomly, and spares no ethnic group, socioeconomic class, or geographic region.

* The cause of most childhood cancers are unknown and at present, cannot be prevented. (Most adult cancers result from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, occupation, and other exposure to cancer-causing agents).

* Nationally, childhood cancer is 20 times more prevalent than pediatric AIDS yet pediatric AIDS receives FOUR TIMES the funding that childhood cancer receives.

* On average, 12,500 children and adolescents in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year.

* On average, one in every four elementary schools has a child with cancer.

* On average, every high school in America has two students who are a current or former cancer patient.

* In the U.S., about 46 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every single school day. That’s about the equivalent of two entire classrooms.

* While the cancer death rate has dropped more dramatically for children than for any other age group, 2,300 children and teenagers will die each year from cancer.

* Several childhood cancers continue to have a very poor prognosis, including: brain stem tumors, metastatic sarcomas, relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia , and relapsed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

6 Comments on “Some Facts About Childhood Cancer”

  1. I’m with Fran. Plus we know God is bigger than all of those statistics. He’s got a good plan for Harrison. And just like my 30-some year old friend at church who is married with 2 healthy little boys and was healed of childhood cancer, God will use Harrison in a mighty way. Praying.

    1. If you read the bible every time you are tempted to research this disease, you will be able to fight off the fear with the truth that God imparts into your heart. He is already showing you that He is holding Harrison firmly in His grip. Try to focus on that. I have done what you are doing and it didn’t help me get through Haleigh’s most serious near death situations. Knowing more about the condition does not enable you to change the situation, but your prayer may if it is God’s will. Even when you’re angry, keep seeking His face. We continue to pray for Harrison and all of you every day.

  2. I agree with the others in that the Internet seems to offer everything scary and negative- However, the facts themselves are eye opening and concerning to say the least. Reading that gives me pause to say we/I need to pray for own children more often asking God to cover them in protection. I will also say that i just dont understand cancer, why its here, why its allowed to harm, etc. Meanwhile, balance your Internet reading with prayer and reading God’s word. Bless you and God be with you.

  3. Amen Jean, the Bible does not say hold fast your confession of statistics. We live by faith, not by the statistics that the devil has taught us to spout as fact. God’s truth trumps fact every time. Searching around the internet to read about the devil’s conquests only puts fear in us. Stay in the Word of TRUTH and read about God’s conquests! Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When you are in faith you are opposing what the enemy wants you to believe, that’s why it’s called wrestling! Don’t go with what seems obvious, rest in the hope that never disappoints aznd expect what seems impossible. Hold fast your confession of FAITH!

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