Some Facts About Childhood Cancer

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I found these various facts online (I’m driving myself mad reading all that is available), and thought it might give some perspective: * Childhood cancers are the #1 disease killer of children. * One in every 330 children will develop cancer before the age of 19. * One out of every five children diagnosed with cancer dies. * Common cancer … Read More

Clinic Visit

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This morning was a “sedation” day, meaning that Harrison would be sedated for a spinal tap. Dr. Weston did a lumbar puncture and pushed a chemo drug known as methaltrexate. Harrison also got a dose of cytarabine. While there is no sign of leukemia in Harrison’s spinal fluid, researchers have discovered that leukemia cells love to hide out in the … Read More

Harrison’s First Weekend in Remission

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It is easy to forget that “remission” does not mean “cured.” Harrison is not cancer-free yet, but he is one small step closer. Without the ongoing treatment he’s receiving, the leukemia would again ravage his body. After hearing the news that we would move into the “consolidation” phase of his five-phase, three-year protocol of treatments we were, of course, delighted. … Read More

On to Consolidation

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January 24 was as good of a day as December 9 was bad.  After six weeks of “Induction” we finally heard the word, “Remission.”  We all cried, including the doctor. Until then we knew things were bad for Harrison, but we didn’t know just how bad.  One doctor described the entire medical team as “distraught” over Harrison’s case.  When they … Read More